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3 Locations You May Find A Pest Infestation In Your Home

prevent insect infestations can do damage to certain areas of your home if not taken care of

Pest Infestation

There are a lot of options when it comes to pests that can be infesting your house. They can range from a simple annoyance to being dangerous for your health. Some pests can even damage your home, ending up costing you a large sum of money. If you see that you have a pest infestation in your home, contact us.


Where To Check For Pest Infestation?

Knowing where pests tend to reside is the first step in addressing a potential problem. Here are the most important places to look and some of the creatures you might find there:

pest infestation

1. Your kitchen

One of the favorite places for pests to colonize your home will be the kitchen. The reason is simple, there is an unlimited supply of food. Whether it is crumbs on the floor, uncleaned spillage, or pantry goods. The other main reason is that there is easy access to water as well. That makes your kitchen the perfect home for a pest infestation. 

Knowing that, it comes as no surprise that roaches, ants, rats, and mice will try to build a home in your kitchen. If you leave them unchecked, this can become out of control pretty fast. 


2. The Basement & The Attic

When winter comes, animals and insects will try to flee the cold weather, which sometimes means that they will enter your attic or basement.  A good and easy to visualize an example of that is a family of raccoons or mice that will live in your attic.

Once there is a pest infestation in your home, they are likely to destroy things that you have stored. For example, moths and roaches will feed on your clothes, cardboard or even the insulation of your home. It is important that you check your attic and basement to see if there is any pest living in them. If it is the case, you can always give us a call!

pest infestation

  1. In Your Walls

Did you know that pests can enter your home from small openings that are located where the roof and the siding of your home meet? They can also enter through little holes where the plumbing or the wires go out of your home. The best way to avoid this is to try to minimize every entry point possible. Of course, if it is too late, we can help you to get rid of the problem.

If you have rodents, insects, or any kind of pest infestation in your walls, it can be dangerous for both your health and your home. Some wires might get chewed or some fixtures might get damaged. Do not wait until a pest infestation starts destroying your home, give us a call today!


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