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5 Tips To Prevent Insect Infestations in your House or Business

prevent insect infestations can do damage to certain areas of your home if not taken care of

Prevent Insect Infestations

Insects are annoying, no one really likes them, especially when they make their way into our homes. They can travel into all sorts of small areas where we don’t see, and they set up shop there. Of course, no one wants this. For that reason, you can do things to prevent insect infestations in the future. Although, if you currently have an insect problem, you may need to get a reputable pest control company to come in and take care of the situation.

insect infestations include all sorts of annoying pests

1. Use Screen Doors

One easy way to prevent insect infestations is to equip your home with screen doors. Screen doors on the exterior entry ways to your home will allow you to open up your doors and get some nice quality fresh air into your home without creating an invitation for various types of bugs or other pests to come trotting into your house.

2. Keep Trash Organized

The way you store and manage your trash in your home will actually play a significant role in your goal to prevent insect infestations in the future. By ensuring that the food trash in your home is confined to one single area, you are moving in a positive direction. Many insects become attracted to food waste and are able to feed on it. By going one step further, you can ensure that all the food waste is taken out of the house on a daily basis or even every second day.

3. Prevent Insect Infestations by Keeping Outside Areas Tidy

if you can't prevent insect infestations you need to call a professional

When you have a build of items such as firewood or grass clippings right beside the foundation of your home, this can easily attract unwanted guests. Since various types of pests and insects like to live in high-moisture areas, you will increase the risk of an infestation. Insect can get through tiny spaces, and with the foundations of homes often becoming cracked over time, this can result in potentially allowing insects and other pests to get through the foundation and into your home.

4. Develop Cleanliness

bed bugs show warning signs for you to be able to detect

You can prevent insect infestations by simply keeping your home tidy and cleaning on a regular basis, or sticking to a strict cleaning routine. Now, we’re not saying you have to be a complete clean-freak but doing some small things to avoid this situation is an easy trade off. A few of the things you can do would be to wash the dishes as soon as you’re done with them, sweeping up crumbs and other debris, and ensuring surfaces get wiped down effectively. Remember, if you don’t feed them, they won’t stay!

5. Don’t Let Water Sit Overnight

When you leave water in your house sit for long periods of time, it can be tough to keep insects away. They often are attracted to sitting water. This could even include your dog’s bowl of water that sits on the floor. More importantly, any leaks or spills that happen should be cleaned up or fix as soon as possible. So, in summary, in order to prevent insect infestation, stay tidy and clean, and you will likely be able to prevent those annoying creatures!