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7 myths about bedbugs 

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7 myths about bedbugs

You’ve undoubtedly learned the hard way that there are a lot of things that people get wrong about bedbugs. Because they can cause some discomfort for those who come into contact with them, you might want to know what’s accurate and what isn’t. Bed bug misconceptions abound, but experts are on hand to set the record straight.

1- Bedbugs can fly

Bedbugs, despite the fact that many bugs do fly, are not one of them. Bed bugs do not have wings, they are crawling insects that travel at around a meter per minute and can jump.

2- They only bite at night

Bed bugs aren’t just a nighttime hazard; they can also be a daytime problem. You should be aware of their influence during the day as well. Because they like to live in your mattress, where they may feed on human hosts at night, bed bugs are typically connected with nighttime.

gettinf rid of bedbugs

3- They bite in threes

It’s just as easy to mistake single bedbug bites for individual ones. It is possible that you may have given an infestation slip by missing a group of three bites. Don’t forget that any kind of bites should be looked into.

4- No bite = No bugs

Unfortunately, a lack of bites does not necessarily indicate that you do not have bedbugs. Bed bugs don’t bite everyone. Many people are slow to react or show no reaction at all after being bitten by bed bugs. Don’t ignore obvious signs of bedbugs (such as shed skins, little brown fecal stains, etc.)

5- If you have bedbugs, you are dirty

Bed bugs can hide in places that might surprise you, even if you think they only live in filthy environments. While cleaning up and removing clutter can speed up the treatment of bedbugs, bedbugs may survive anywhere, including areas we consider clean and organized. It’s possible that keeping your place tidy would help but it is not necessarily the cause.

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6- You can’t see bedbugs

Some people believe that you can’t see bedbugs, but they’re most likely larger than you imagined. Fully grown bedbugs may be anywhere from one to five millimeters by three to ten millimeters in length.

While modest, this is certainly big enough to view with the naked eye—particularly taking into account that most bed bug types are a distinct crimson brown color. Even their tiny translucent eggs, which are generally no larger than a pinhead, can be seen on close inspection with the naked eye but they do have a propensity to hide.

7- They are only in your bed

One of the most widespread urban legends about bedbugs — may be owing to their name — is that they can only be found in beds. That isn’t correct, however, they can certainly be found. They’re also discovered in a variety of settings.

They may be found on headboards, sofas, travel bags, and even our family pets. They can also be discovered in the transportation you use to go places – particularly planes, trains, and automobiles.

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