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Our Service

Our Service

Having a better pest approach with our products and pest control services provides the best protection available. A comprehensive exterior barrier is applied to the foundation to flush out and knock down any nesting and reproducing bugs. Additional protection is applied to the perimeter of the property when appropriate to repel other area pests. Also, a de-webbing of the home to get rid of any existing webs or nesting sites, with the added value of the interior when necessary or upon request. Treatment along entry points, moisture gathering spots, the garage, and other points of interest are included.

Each follow-up pest control service allows our product to be reapplied, properly binding to those hard-to-reach cracks, and crevices, providing the ultimate control of all unwanted covered pests throughout the year and in any season. Include that Sunrise Mountain guarantee and you got yourself the best pest control services!

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Pest library


A common and very problematic insect to deal with in and around your home or business. An effective pest approach for ants can take time, so having a pest professional from Sunrise Mountain Pest Control establish the best approach for your home or business is a great idea.


Spiders are not insects, they are actually part of the arachnid family. Sunrise Mountain Pest Control services includes, black widow, brown recluse, hobo, cellar, wolf spiders and more.


The ideal home for a cockroach is yours. The ability to feed on everything, these resourceful and adaptable bugs are often found in the spaces you don’t want them to be in, like your Kitchen. In addition they can carry diseases and cause allergic reactions.


Receiving its name from the Anglo Saxon ear-wicga, meaning “ear wiggler” these pests do not crawl in people’s ears. Interesting enough, according to some published work before the twentieth century, the answer could have been yes.

Bed Bugs

As one of the most frustrating and challenging insects to control it is vital you contact Sunrise Mountain Pest Control. These pests are resistant to most box store products which will actually spread these pests in other locations in your home.


Here is the Kootenays, multiple types of beetles can become a nuisance and overwhelming very quickly. It's crucial to have a proper pest barrier to avoid infestations.


When you're outside enjoying your favourite drink and your space has been taken over by these flying pests, it's always best to call the Pest Professionals at Sunrise Mountain Pest Control services to avoid any unwanted stings.


When these rodents are around, it's time to call Sunrise Mountain Pest Control. Your cat or dog can only do so much.


Don't let the picture fool you, they really are not that cute. Might be a great idea to book an appointment for pest control services.

Our Sunrise Mountain Guarantee

Sunrise Mountain Pest Control is confident in our service. However, we understand even the best pest approach sometimes needs to be adjusted at times based on the type of pest and time of year. That’s why we offer a better guarantee, which includes  “NO-COST” re-services in between our scheduled visits.