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Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control

Residential Pest Control Solutions

Enjoying the outdoors is a way of life living here in the Kootenays. This is why Sunrise Mountain Pest Control is a vital service to keep your home protected from unwanted pests. Our better customized residential pest control approach keeps these nuisance bugs away, ensuring continued enjoyment of your home being pest free and outside. Allow one of our pest professionals to service your home, because you don’t have time for pests, but we do. Call or email and receive 50% off your initial residential pest control service when you sign up. 

a Better pest approach

our initial

Our initial residential pest control services ensures the treatment reaches crucial areas of the home that are susceptible to pest activity. Sunrise Mountain focuses on staying ahead of the pest population by flushing out and disrupting pests reproductive cycles.

our 30-day follow up

Our 30-day follow up provides the needed jolt to knock down any remaining pests. The reapplication of protective barriers bind to the surface of the home for continued residential pest control & protection.


After the disruption of the pest life cycle, consistent and regular treatments continue our ability to stay ahead of unwanted pests. With the addition of our service guarantee your home will always be protected.


A common and very problematic insect to deal with in and around your home or business. An effective pest approach for ants can take time, so having a pest professional from Sunrise Mountain Pest Control establish the best approach for your home or business is a great idea.


Spiders are not insects, they are actually part of the arachnid family. Sunrise Mountain Pest Control service includes, black widow, brown recluse, hobo, cellar, wolf spiders and more.


The ideal home for a cockroach is yours. The ability to feed on everything, these resourceful and adaptable bugs are often found in the spaces you don’t want them to be in, like your Kitchen. In addition they can carry diseases and cause allergic reactions.


Receiving its name from the Anglo Saxon ear-wicga, meaning “ear wiggler” these pests do not crawl in people’s ears. Interesting enough, according to some published work before the twentieth century, the answer could have been yes.

Bed Bugs

As one of the most frustrating and challenging insects to control it is vital you contact Sunrise Mountain Pest Control. These pests are resistant to most box store products which will actually spread these pests in other locations in your home.


Here is the Kootenays, multiple types of beetles can become a nuisance and overwhelming very quickly. It's crucial to have a proper pest barrier to avoid infestations.


When you're outside enjoying your favourite drink and your space has been taken over by these flying pests, it's always best to call the Pest Professionals at Sunrise Mountain Pest Control to avoid any unwanted stings.


When these rodents are around, it's time to call Sunrise Mountain Pest Control. Your cat or dog can only do so much.


Don't let the picture fool you, they really are not that cute. Might be a great idea to book an appointment.

sunrise Mountain pest control

Sunrise Mountain Pest Control is keen on helping local community members with their pest problems. Whether it’s just a spider, ants or wasps, our team is prepared to deal with the problem. It is our goal to provide top quality pest control services, with highly effective safe products, that keep the whole family safe. So enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with unwanted pests, and allow us to service your home or business  within Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fernie, Sparwood, and more.  

DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT US FOR ALL YOUR PEST CONTROL NEEDS. sign up today and receive 50% off your initial service on a customized service plan